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  • Creative Clarity
    Creative Clarity

    Creative Clarity offers high quality onshore development services to clients looking to build the very best apps for Android. With extensive experience in integration, services, web and mobile applications we are uniquely able to move your business operations to a mobile workforce.

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  • Pieces

    Pieces is a contact and company search app based on the Jigsaw database of over 21 million detailed business contact listings. It allows users to search for companies based on a variety of factors including location, revenue and size as well as then allowing search for business contacts based on executive level, name, roles etc. The results are shown in a clean business card roll display with detailed information on any given contact or company being never more than a long press away. Users are able to navigate directly to the company website, place a call to the contact or company as well as being able to research key corporate data such as company revenue and employee information. Jigsaw's unique Wikipedia style approach to a B2B registry means that many of the company profiles are very detailed and some even include advice for job applicants.

    A must have app for anyone involved in the sales process, investors and even those looking for a prospective employer.